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Paris is the city of all the sizes where there is infinity of experiences to be lived and places to be discovered. Luxury travel planners from Ultimate Paris Guide   selected for you 10 better activities to be done in the

Heat Warmth And Love!

Comforts of Home

Traveling is fun and yet traveling is tiring. Alex and I love traveling but as time wears on and we get tired, we slowly start looking forward to getting back home. Home is after all where the heart is. Summer

The Dangers Of A Curvaceous Road!


Being a mum is great. Being a single mum is not all that bad. Being a mum to a six year old hyperactive son… Now that is where things get complicated. Alex and I have been traveling ever since he

Alex And His Portugal Escapade


Alex had been bothering me for a while. He wanted to visit Portugal. I didn’t know where he got his fascination from but he kept nagging me every day. After a lot of questioning, it all boiled down to National

Alternative UK Holiday: A short guide to the North West Counties

Uk River

The North West coast is a hidden jewel that so many visitors tend to overlook in favour of staying in the South of the UK. London and Cornwall are beautiful spots, however, there are regions that are unfairly left ignored!

Cycling Through Paris


Alex has turned eight this year. He is growing up so fast. Gone is that little boy who used to hold my hand and follow me everywhere. Today I have a lad who thinks he is big and small but

Algarve: A Place For Family, A Place For Fun!


Time for another trip and this time I had set my sights on the south of Portugal. I had something special planned this time. I can still remember the shrieks of excitement that erupted out of Alex’s mouth when he

London, The Ultimate Affordable City

Hydepark Orangerie

My son and I had a pact, he had to do very well in his learning and an enjoyable trip to London was on me. Lack of money wasn’t an excuse and I therefore had to look for affordable activities

Five Great holidays in Greece


Image by kevinpoh used under Creative Commons License. Greece is well known for being one of the most picturesque countries in the world. Its crystal blue waters and sun drenched white beaches welcome millions from around the world each year. It

London, We Meet Again!

National Maritime Museum London

It was time for a break and this time the venue was going to be London. The city never failed to tire me. It also held a special place in Alex’ heart too. It enthralled him. He loved the feel