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Alternative UK Holiday: A short guide to the North West Counties

Uk River

The North West coast is a hidden jewel that so many visitors tend to overlook in favour of staying in the South of the UK. London and Cornwall are beautiful spots, however, there are regions that are unfairly left ignored!

London, The Ultimate Affordable City

Hydepark Orangerie

My son and I had a pact, he had to do very well in his learning and an enjoyable trip to London was on me. Lack of money wasn’t an excuse and I therefore had to look for affordable activities

London, We Meet Again!

National Maritime Museum London

It was time for a break and this time the venue was going to be London. The city never failed to tire me. It also held a special place in Alex’ heart too. It enthralled him. He loved the feel

Our Visit to London

London hyde-park

Alex and I decided to make a tour of London during the August holidays for close to one week. I must admit that our stay in London was one to remember. This is because we really had fun and a

London The Perfect Trip

London at night

Traveling can be so daunting considering all the planning and preparations put into it. I couldn’t allow the thought of all the hassle to put me down. My schedule is so packed to even squeeze some ‘me-time’ in it and