Best Things To Do on Year End Dubai Vacation Apart from Shopping

Dhow cruise tour

If you have been to Dubai previously, you must be aware of how cliché it is to go for a shopping tour in Dubai. Most people are not aware of the things Dubai holds for them apart from the typical Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall shopping tours. So here I am going to list down some off the track amazing adventurous things you can do on your next Dubai trip. Have a look at the best things to do in Dubai apart from shopping:

Desert Safari Tour in Dubai:

Desert is a natural asset Dubai holds and hence the desert safari tours in Dubai are amongst the best in the whole world. These safari tours offer you with a thrilling Dune Bashing adventure, followed by Quad Biking, Camel Riding and Bedouin Camping. You get to encounter the stunning orange sunset from the top of a high sand dune. There are amazing photo ops where you can get yourself shot with the might Falcons and also with the melting sun. This amazing safari is concluded in the heart of the desert in a Bedouin camp. These camps are just like old traditional Arabian villages with all the cultural fiesta going on in there, you feel all festive there. You can book all inclusive desert safari trip with any of the top tour operators in Dubai.Desert Safari

Once inside the safari camp, you get to dress up traditionally and get a picture clicked. You can also try out henna tattoos on your hand and feet. Also there is an amazing campfire setting where the live performances happen in the centre stage with you sitting around it. Tanoura Dance, Belly dance, magic show, what not. This safari trip will feel magical under the starry sky at night and if you go for an overnight safari you get to encounter the stunning sunrise.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina:

If you want to enjoy the Arabian culture and at the same time enjoy the modern beauty of Dubai, you just have to go for a Dhow cruise tour. Dhow cruise is a traditional Arabian cruise which was used for trading and commercial transport in earlier times. These wooden cruises are now refurbished into the most amazing one of a kind floating restaurants.Dhow cruise tour

The dhow cruise Dinner trip is all inclusive and many tour operators offer this facility. You just need to book your table before a week and you can go for the trip. They welcome you with refreshments and traditional drinks on deck and the ambiance is lifted high with a great background music. The Dhow cruise dinner includes a 7 course meal with cuisines from Arab, India and China. This lavish buffet spread has everything for everyone. All your group members will enjoy the ambiance and food, whether kids or elders.

The guests are entertained with live performances of Magic Show, traditional Tanoura Dance, Belly Dance, Singing and much more. There is a facility for fully air conditioned seating on the lower deck of the cruise which gives a more luxurious feel. Whereas you can even go for an open air upper deck booking to make your experience more romantic and intimate. This is ideal for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, team outings, proposals, couple dinners and almost every dinner party can be held in here.

If you want to do something new on your upcoming Dubai tour then you must definitely try out these activities. Let us know how you find this article and if you would want to try out these.

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