Their First Road Trip: Teaching Your Child to Relax and Enjoy Traveling

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Some children cope with travel better than others. Taking your child on their first road trip will be a challenge however well they normally cope.

Here is a look at ways to make the trip a success, which includes preparing your car beforehand, knowing which snacks and treats to pack, and how to keep them entertained.

Getting ready for the journey

Planning and preparation are essential to the success of your road trip. There is no need to feel daunted by the prospect of hitting the road with such a young child, provided you are ready for what lies ahead.

If you are traveling in a car like the Dodge Dart you will know that the vehicle comes fitted with ten airbags fitted as standard to keep your family as safe as possible throughout the trip.

A good idea to prepare you for the road trip would be to pack the car the night before. This will take the last-minute stress out of the situation as you will give yourself plenty of time to check off everything you need. It often sets the right tone from the beginning of your road trip when you can concentrate on getting your child safely strapped in, knowing that you have everything you need on board.

Pack some treats and snacks

Pack a good selection of treats and snacks. There are loads of healthy options to choose from and be sure to include some of your child’s favorites.

It can always be tempting to resort to some junk food in a moment of weakness, especially when the decibel levels are reaching record levels and you want to try to pacify them. If you put healthy snacks in a ‘fun box’ and they have a choice, it should keep them just as happy, and healthier too.

The treats you pack are sometimes shamelessly used as bribery, no need to feel bad about that as many parents also feel the need to use the same tactics. If it gets them back in the car after a break, or calms them down, it is ok to use in moderation.

Movies on the goEntertainment options

Your entertainment options will change based on the age of your child. Kids like to watch a movie when traveling in the car. Think about downloading something suitable onto your tablet before you set off, or pack some DVDs if you have a player fitted in the car.

It is not a good idea to allow your children to stare at a screen for more than a couple of hours. Pack some books, games and other activities that can keep them occupied when the film has finished.

If you have an infant on board, pack some sing-along CDs or an audiobook with their favorite story. This should also help to keep them sufficiently entertained so you can concentrate on the road ahead.

These are some ways to help ensure their first major road trip goes as smoothly as possible. Prepare and plan ahead of setting off in your vehicle. This could make all the difference to the success of your highway adventure.

Sophie Farraway has two kids, the youngest being 3 years of age. Sophie and her husband always enjoyed travel and haven’t let kids stop that passion for exploring new places.

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