Tips on choosing a wedding Venue

Wedding Tips

Every wedding has to start with selecting the best wedding venue. Indeed there are several top wedding venues in the world but the best defers from couple to couple. Sometimes due to pressure securing a wedding venue takes longer than anticipated. There are many reasons why this can happen which is a discussion for another day. However, everything remains ok as long as the invites are sent in time. Below are a couple of tips on how to find the best venue for you.


Most people would advise on basing you hunt for a venue on the geographical location of the venue. We think that the style of your dream wedding should determine the venue. Some venues offer great gardens as venues while others have fantastic indoor facilities. Regardless of how beautiful the set-up may be if it does not fulfil the dream then leave it. Afterall, you only get to wed once, or several times.


Location, location, location. It can never be understated. Guys in Hollywood have fully understood the value of finding the perfect spot. You can even play real money pokies if you want a proper location. A good location essentially sets the tone of an event. So you need to be very diligent when choosing your ideal location.Wedding Location

The geographical location of the wedding determines a lot of other things. These include the day and time of the wedding. If yu want a mid-week wedding you have to give your guests time to get to the venue. This means ypu have to factor in congestion. Venues that require long drives might force you to provide overnight accomodation. Thus making weekend wedding the only option.

Number of Guest

Weddings are events that are ment to be celebrated with your nearest and dearest. Many people start to think of inviting long lost friends and family. As much as this looks like a good idea. It is not. The usual result is that the guest list quickly ballons. At the end of day you end up incurring big expenses to accommodate people who are no longer your nearest and dearest.




  1. It was really great how you pointed out that when it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue, we should always consider choosing one that fits the description of the dream wedding, otherwise, it’s not worth it. I actually do not know the kind of venue that I want for a dream wedding for as long as I am going to be wed to the best man, I don’t really mind. However, I will discuss this with my boyfriend because he’s the one who can be a bit picky. I’ll let him decide. Thank you!

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  3. It was really nice when you said that if the person intends to get married midweek, they need to consider choosing a location wherein the guests will reach easily despite the traffic congestion. My sister is planning to get married on a Thursday, so obviously, there will be congestion. I think she needs to choose a place is a bit away from the business districts so that we won’t find it difficult to get to her. I will share this with her.

  4. Thank you for all this great information about choosing a wedding venue! One thing that I really like is that you say to make sure that you choose the perfect spot since it sets the tone of the rest of the wedding. I know that I would love to choose someplace that meant a lot to my future wife.

  5. I like how you suggested considering the number of guests that will be attending your wedding. I am booking the venue for my wedding soon. Thanks for the tips on choosing a wedding venue.

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