Travel Adventures to Cape Town, South Africa

Well, here we are. Finally! Just arrived in Cape Town, South Africa after an exhausting, and confusing plane ride with all the separate connections we had to take in order to arrive at our destination.

We set out on this journey to follow my passion and engage in discovering how technology influences urban life in this area as well as appreciating the surrounding architecture and nature.



Cape Town is known to be one of the most populated urban areas in South Africa. Immigrants flock to this area in great numbers. One of the first things we noticed is the variety of nationalities surrounding us in the city and that technology seems to play a huge role with this culture. Almost everyone we saw was holding some type of device designed to help in their everyday lives and progressions in their future.

One of the most interesting technological advances that Alex and I gathered information on is the MeerKat, originally called the Karoo Array Telescope. Still under construction and not intended to be fully complete until the year 2024. The MeerKat is a radio telescope that will be the largest in the southern hemisphere, which will definitely keep Cape Town on the map for a very long time. Unless you see it first-hand it’s hard to imagine the enormous size and area that is used to create this mammoth structure. Even though not complete, what the South African people have structured so far is beyond impressive. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Since I do not feel comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road and parking was not easily found, Alex and I decided to try the Hop On – Hop Off Bus. Alex really enjoyed that, I think it was the colors and the attention he received. We bought a two-day pass in order to get us to our destinations and show us a lot of what Cape Town had to offer.

Adderley_Street_Fountain,_Cape_TownYou can’t imagine how many innovative architectural structures are located in this populated area. It’s easy to tell that advance technology plays a big part in creating and advancing this city. In certain ways I find their use and understanding of technology advancement far surpasses many other areas in the world. I’m positive that by paying attention and investing time and effort a lot of countries could benefit from South Africa’s experience.

Ok, We’re off on to our next destination of fun, sun, relaxation, and a bit of work for me. We are going to settle down in a holiday apartment rental in sunny Barcelona for a bit. So Alex can catch up on his learning, while I catch up on work.. Talk soon,,,,,


  1. I really enjoy your posts, keep up the great work, I am hoping to take my son to south Africa this summer as well.

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