A Valentine’s Day That She’ll Never Forget


Do you remember what you did late Valentine’s Day? If you’re too afraid to answer that question, don’t worry, this year we’ve got you covered. With only a pair of wings and a bow and arrow by his side, Cupid doesn’t have the ability to shoot his love arrow at every couple this V-day. So plan ahead and take love into your own hands this Valentine’s Day when you visit the enchanted streets of London. Book an authentic London holiday apartment to set the mood and take to the streets to explore the city with love as your guide.

Couple’s Massage Anybody?
What better way to start the day than with a couple’s massage at one of London’s finest spas? Lie down, close your eyes, and let professional masseuses run you through the gambit of body wraps, full body rub downs, aromatherapy, and facials. When you’re loose and smiling, you’re ready to embrace both your partners and the city.
Light Your Fire at the Cinnamon Club
The Cinnamon Club offers lovers an authentic Indian dining experience to liven up their day. The Club takes up its residence at the Old Westminster Library, a historic building located in the political district of London. Start your lunch with a Kerala spiced seafood bisque flamed with brandy, followed by okra infused with peanut, jiggery, and green mango chutney. Give you tongue the authentic Indian dining experience when you order the tandoori loin of oisin red deer. If you still have room, we recommend the dark chocolate paan and caramel muri bar.

Feel the Rush When You Hike the 02
While you still have the sun on your side, put on your hiking boots and get ready for the most unconventional climb of your life. The centrally located 02 building requires visitors to climb to the top in order to bask in its panoramic view of London town. The climb involves walking 52 metres up a walkway, all while decked out in your climb suit, harness, and boots. If you’re in need of a helping hand, know that your partner is there to take every step with you.
Kinky Boots
Finally you find yourself in the right place with enough time to see one the show you’ve been dying to see for years. Inspired by a true story, this play made possible thanks to four-time Tony Award-winner Harvey Fierstein, music and lyrics provided by Cyndi Lauper, and choreography by two-time Tony Award-winner Jerry Mitchell.

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