Best Beach Breaks On The West Coast

The Hamptons, NY

Sun, sea, and sand, sometimes only a beach break will do. The problem is that there are so many beaches and coastal areas on the US West Coast, all of them charming in their own way, that deciding where to spend your time can be confusing. Of course, the sensible things would be to compare the best ones and then choose, something that the information in my post below can help you with.

The Hamptons, NY

Located to the South of East Long Island, the Hamptons is a place you have probably heard of before. In fact, it’s famous throughout the world as a seaside escape for wealthy New Yorkers, and celebrities alike.

What this means is that while there is a laid back beachy vibe here, there is also a lot of luxury to be had there, both regarding the accommodation, and the restaurants and entertainment too.

In fact, if you are planning to live the life of a celebrity for the duration of your vacation, you can rent an entire mansion for your stay. Although if you are looking for something a bit more budget oriented they are bungalows and rooms at roadhouses (which are still super nice) for under $100 a night.

Corolla, NC


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Corolla is famed for both its beaches and its horses.

Located on the easternmost tip of North Carolina, Corolla is another popular West Coast seaside destination that is worth visiting. It has a distinct small coastal town feel with wooden New England style mansions and houses, and some pretty awesome beaches as well.

When it comes to accommodation, there are some decent hotel and suites available for around $120 a night. Although, it’s worth knowing that they do get more expensive the closer you get to the Corolla zip code.

Alternatively, if there is a large group of you staying it can be a much better choice to rent a place like Blue Beacon retreat which is an entire home, and a very well appointed one at that. In fact, it contains 10 master bedrooms with ensuites, and even a home cinema and pool room, as well as being right on the beach. In fact, depending on when you go you can live this life of luxe for as little $58 a night with full occupancy, which means it incredibly affordable as well.

Chesapeake Bay, MD

Lastly, if you find yourself closer to Maryland than New York, or North Carolina, why not take a visit to Chesapeake Bay? Perhaps a little less luxurious than the other two locations this doesn’t mean that Chesapeake Bay isn’t a great place to stay, especially for a family vacation.

In fact, you’ll find the usual array of hotels that you can book by the night, and vacation homes to rent if you plan on staying for a more extended period.

There is also lots of fun activity to keep the kids amused as well including Chesapeake Beach Water Park and plenty of sailing and boating school where you can all learn to navigate the ocean! A perfect way to spend your days when vacationing on the West Coast.

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