Choosing a Sailing Destination: Eastern or Western Mediterranean?


On the map the Mediterranean is one body of water, but with very different cultures, the opposing ends are worlds apart. Of course one of the wonderful things about booking a Mediterranean yacht charter is the variety of culture and food you’ll encounter on the way as you sail along some of southern Europe’s most beautiful coast line.

You really can’t go wrong whether you choose to explore Corsica’s magnificent cliffs or visit Croatia’s lovely fortified coastal towns, problem is you don’t have the time for both – especially is you really want to fully experience a place. Here are some of the best destinations whichever end of the Mediterranean you decide to sail this winter.


There’s a few things we all expect when travelling to Italy. Great food, great wine and warm people. In addition to the wonderful perks of travelling along Italy’s southern coast are stunning cliffs and incredibly colourful buildings that appear to be floating off the edge of the mountains that descend into the water. The Amalfi Coast is home to glamorous resort destinations like Capri and Sorrento, but if you fancy something a bit more cultured you can sail to Pompeii, a Roman city that was frozen in time after it was engulfed by lava from a nearby volcano.


If you’re Game of Thrones buff than you’ll recognise King’s Landing as soon as you sail into the harbour. This walled city is referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’; seeing its crystal clear surrounding waters and orange rooftops will quickly explain the nickname. Great taverns serve regional wines and fish that’s caught daily. The main square, Gundulic is abuzz with cafes, restaurants and night entertainment, as well as a farmer’s market during the day.


The most mountainous island in the Mediterranean is protected by national parks and surrounded by hundreds of stunning uninhabited islands. Whether you’re sailing to enjoy great weather on some of the 200 plus beaches or fancy a hike among the best scenery you’re going enjoy in the Mediterranean, Corsica is a must visit, bucket-list destination. Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, history enthusiasts will also have a great time getting to know the island’s tumultuous past.

Sorry to anyone who was hoping for a clear winner, but sailing either end of the Med is fantastic. But that’s the best part about Southern Europe’s yacht charters, you’re always going to enjoy incredible landscapes, culture, food and perfect weather. If you prefer waters less chartered, visit the Dalmatian Coast, but if you’re dead set on those Italian cuisine and wines, you can’t go wrong sailing along the Amalfi Coast.


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