Creative Kids Breaks On A Budget

Creative Kids

When you’re approaching the end of the school break, you may be running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained. You might be running out of cash for keeping them occupied too! What you need are some creative kids break ideas that can be accomplished on a budget. Fortunately, we have a few great ideas to give you that the whole family will love.

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Camping trips can be as inexpensive as you want them to be. Have a look at websites like Trek Southwest for some ideas on where to go. If you have access to a campervan, you can travel anywhere you like for just the cost of the fuel. Of course, if the children are old enough, they may want to camp in your own back yard for a night of fun and semi-independence. Perhaps they can invite some friends over and make a sleepover of it, complete with campfire and snacks!

Cycling Trip

For the ultimate in inexpensive breaks away with your kids, you could take a cycle trip. Pack up a couple of pop up tents. They can be carried in saddlebags or in backpacks. You could also buy a trailer for your bike so you can carry even more items with you. Cycling to your favorite beauty spot can be so relaxing and so much fun for everyone. You can choose one of thousands of great cycle routes, or meander at will. When you get there, pop up a tent for shelter, or book into a quaint bed and breakfast hotel.

Day Trips

Day trips can be as busy as you like. They’re the perfect opportunity to throw some educational activities into the mix too. You don’t have to travel far. Pick a local woodland or park space. Print off a couple of check lists for all the wildlife and interesting things you might spot. Or why not be more creative and write some clues for your very own treasure hunt? Add a picnic lunch and you’ve got yourself a whole day of fun for all the family.Family Beach

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Last Minute

There are many short breaks that are available at a discounted price when you book them last minute. Perhaps you fancy a longer break to see you right through the summer? You may not have much choice in the kind of accommodation or even the destination. But you’ll know you’ve got a bargain vacation booked at just the right time! Have some cases packed ready so you can take advantage of the best last minute opportunities.

Friends And Family

Of course, you may need a break yourself after all those weeks with the kids off school! Children love it when they have a chance to sleep somewhere else for the night. So why not arrange a sleepover for your kids at a friend’s house or with your parents? This gives you the night off and free babysitting! Perhaps you can offer to take a friend’s child for a night in return, keeping your kids happy with another sleepover at home?


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