Dreams Within Reach: Yacht Charters

Summer Sailing

Have you dreamed of doing a yacht charter in some glorious locale but didn’t think such a thing was available to you? Then you’ll be happy to know that within a range of prices, you can book a sailing vacation to some of the world’s most coveted spots. You have a few options for how you can find yourself in Corsica, the Seychelles, the British Virgin Islands, or another of many points in between.

Bareboat charter

If you have sailing experience – even if you’re relatively new – you can simply charter a boat and sail it yourself. The requirements are generally that you have a license and have experience independently sailing a boat of the same size you would be chartering. There are other courses some companies might require you to take. The concern is always safety and most charter outfits would assign you a skipper if there were any doubt as to that. Be aware that you will have to pay extra for said skipper, so it’s best to have your skills polished up prior to booking.

Yacht CharterOne way you can refresh your knowledge is by taking an online course with NauticEd. This organization has courses specifically for bareboat charter hopefuls that cover how to maneuver in a tight marina, navigation, anchoring, and other skills important to this type of sailing.

Crewed charter

Yeah, this is the life. Enjoy the scenery with your friends and family while a skipper and small crew handle the boat for you. Booking on short notice can get you amazing deals on this type of charter. These boats are generally large, accommodating up to 10 people, so the prices will seem high but can work out pretty reasonably spread across several couples or families. Again, this is an alternative to a high-end cruise, but with a steward or hostess and a skipper who will take you to coves and snorkeling spots that are accessible only by sailboat.

Sail BoatBy the cabin

Maybe it’s just the two of you. Maybe it’s just you. Don’t let this stop you from taking a dream vacation for a reasonable price. Charters from Asia to the Seychelles to Europe have free cabins just waiting to be filled. The only consideration for some people is that you’ll be on a boat with people you don’t know. There is still plenty of privacy, however, and You’ll get to experience all the majestic scenery and onboard service without the expense and responsibility of chartering your own or hiring an entire crewed boat.

What to Know

Your airfare and transport are not included in pricing, and if you’re doing a bareboat charter, you’ll need to provision your own boat, though this can be a good way to save a bit of money if you stick to simple meals.

Go as far afield as you like or find a boat in your neck of the woods – no matter which continent you live on, there is an available sailing charter near you.


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