Keeping Fit With Keto Diet

keeping fit

Before I had a baby, I had plenty of time to do physical activities and exercises . I was still in college then and as a young lady in her early twenties, there was nothing more fulfilling than staying fit, with a manageable weight.

After college, my life changed with a remarkable twist in my priorities. I got my first job in a local studio. I was required to spend the biggest part of the day in the studio and therefore had very little time for physical exercises. I gradually added weight as all I did was sit, travel and eat. I had Alex few years later and recently, I noticed that he too was adding weight.

My job changed such that I had to travel collecting data and as well selling our company’s brand. Alex and I we literary live on the road, a nomadic lifestyle of which we are slowly adapting to. There is no time or place to do exercises and this has been my greatest health concern.

I called a friend, a medical practitioner in Canada and explained my health dilemma. He told me about the best way that is medically proven to control weight and lead a healthy lifestyle at the same time, through proper dieting. He introduced me to a keto diet, a diet that would help burn excess fats and keep the body weight in check. This will concurrently reduce obesity and the associated risks. He referred me to a site that would give me all the information that I needed to know regarding the keto diet.

A keto diet is simply foods with very little or no carbohydrates. These foods contain a higher fat content than the carbs. Our bodies need energy for its physiology. Energy in our bodies if obtained from the foods we eat. This energy is generated through cellular metabolism. There are two sources of energy in our bodies; fats and carbohydrates.

Keto dietCarbohydrates are stored in our bodies as glycogen and are broken drown metabolically through a process called glycolysis to produce glucose. Glucose is then further broken down to produce energy, water, and carbon dioxide gas which is breathed out. On the other hand, ketones are produced from the metabolic breakdown of fats in the liver tissues through the process of ketogenesis. Ketones are the alternative sources of energy in our bodies in the absence of glucose. Ketogenesis is a paramount process in our health as it helps keep our weights in check. All the excess fats stored in our bodies can be used to produce energy.

The keto diet has helped my son and I lose weight. We stick to keto foods to ensure the only energy produced in our bodies is through burning excess fats by ketogenesis. In every place I go, I find nearby food and beverage organizations and make my orders online. Here in LA I found this great place on line for keto meal delivery they are specialists in the keto diet and understand my lifestyle. My keto diet is now delivered right to my door step. I, therefore, don’t have to worry, as I can work and keep fit simultaneously here in Los Angeles because they take care of all of our meals. As am writing now, I am fit and back to my college shape!


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