London, The Ultimate Affordable City

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My son and I had a pact, he had to do very well in his learning and an enjoyable trip to London was on me. Lack of money wasn’t an excuse and I therefore had to look for affordable activities to do while there. Smartsave was offering a 20{66e781bbae97f14490ab6a59aaf0f656ea64bd56bda7afcaac45ae7ad0678585} discount on plenty of London activities and events. That was the perfect offer for me as I was operating on a budget but still had to keep my promise. London is always bursting with life and i knew it was now a chance for my son and I to explore the magnificent city.

There are so many things to do in London and I was positive that it was going to be a fun city break. There was a lot of activities to indulge in, affordable meals, Fascinating scenery and landmarks and incredible culture. Below are some of the fun places my son and I visited. Oh boy! was it super fun and exhilarating.

London restaurants1. Affordable restaurants
Life in London might not be getting cheaper but the appetite and love for food is always on the rise. My son and I had a chance to enjoy the best meals from some of the famous restaurants at a cheaper cost due to the vouchers that we had received. We had amazing dining experiences from Vietnamese to Italian restaurants. We also indulged in ice cream, visited pizza eateries and had a much more interesting experience than the average fish and chips shop.

2. Museum Visits and Art exhibition
My son and I explored some of the kid-friendly free museums. Remember what they say, “the best things in life are free”. There was so much to do within little time that all we lacked was free time. From British Museum for some free art and culture to the Natural History Museum for some amazing artifacts and finally to the Science museum for the best entertaining and educational exhibits. My son was in awe, excited and at the end of the day so exhausted and happy to learn something new.

3. City cruises
What better way to view London that hopping on a bus or a boat? London has a rich culture and there was no way we were going to miss the chance of exploring it. With a city cruise discount, we had the chance to view London and its cultural provisions at a perfect point of view. The experience was extraordinary and definitely worth it.

4. Park Visits.
London is famous for its vast open spaces. We had a chance to visit, grab a bite and picnic at some of the major parks in London. With visits to Green Park, Hyde Park and St.James Park we had a chance to see different animals and trees. What more can somebody ask for if they get a chance to go horseback-riding at the royals’ Hyde Park? Alex was in Awe..Hyde Park

5. Shopping
London has its fair share of expensive boutiques from Gucci, Chanel, Valentino to Ralph Lauren and many others but that doesn’t mean when on a budget shopping is a no-go-zone. London has so many High street retailers who are offering inexpensive fashion, that no one needs to break a bank to shop in London. We did a lot of shopping in this fashionable town and had a lot to show back home. Honestly, who is not thrilled with shopping? Ok,,, Well maybe Alex wasn’t so thrilled.. 😉

So forget about the routine, stop complaining about being strapped for cash and take a step towards visiting London. There are so many things to do in London without spending all your fortune. My son and I had an exceptional chance to visit London by taking advantage of many online offers and the experience lacks comparison. Always remember lack of money should never be your reason for not seeing the world.

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