New Zealand: A Brand New Adventure!

New Zealand

After seeing so much of Europe, I decided that it was time to up the game a little. Alex needed to see how the rest of the world functioned. For a while I contemplated on visiting one of the Asian countries but then I finally settled on visiting New Zealand. It’s a gem surrounded by water on all sides. My friends have very often suggested it as a holiday destination but the flight was always the issue. Since Alex was too young at that time, it would have been a strenuous journey. Now it did not seem too bad.

That’s how we landed up in Auckland, New Zealand. Alex was excited at visiting this new land. We wandered around the streets of Auckland and gazed at the buildings towering above us. I took him up the sky tower and he went crazy as he stood on the glass floor and looked down. I had a little vertigo issue and clung to the handrail. Alex had a good laugh at that!

Kelly_Tarlton_AquariumThe Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World held Alex’s attention. Though the place is a little touristy, it was well worth the visit. The penguins were so cute that I found myself falling in love with them. Alex even tried to name them all. You should have heard the names he came up with!

Another thing that we really enjoyed was visiting Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill. It was extremely exciting! Alex was over his head in joy when I told him we were standing on an extinct volcano! Nothing excites a boy more than the thought of molten magma pouring out of the earth! To this date I have never figured out why!

New zealand Vineyard_autumnAuckland is also known for its vineyards. We were there to see the country at its best and that meant that we went on a wine tour. Alex found it a bit boring but he gamely joined in. The science behind the processing of the wine kept him engaged. I was rather engrossed in the wine tasting. I even bought a few bottles to take home! Alex was infuriated that he wasn’t allowed to drink the wine. As usual to calm him down I gave him a little drop on his tongue just so he could taste it.

New Zealand was beautiful and fun. There was so much to see in Auckland that we did not find ourselves wandering out of the city’s borders. For me the best part of the day usually came after I put Alex to bed. I would open my balcony and sit out in the yellow light with a bottle of classic Pinot Gris on the table. A glass of the chilled wine kept me company as I read my kindle. It made the holiday perfect.

Many people say that traveling with a child is difficult and tedious. I still say no. If you plan wisely you will find that children throw a different light on the way you see the world. You even get time to yourself. I love traveling with Alex and I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world!

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