Off The Beaten Path Australia


I’ve always wanted to travel. I loved the freedom that comes along with it. My traveling plans however had got more and more cramped over the years. What changed? Well, I went from being a carefree teenager to being a single mom. Being a single mom is fun. It has it’s moments. By that, I mean that there are times when I am ecstatic and yet there are times when the responsibility weighs me down. It somehow shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. After all, being a parent means that you bear the responsibility of raising a life into this big bad world. Being a single parent means that you have no one to share this responsibility with!

Traveling had always been my way of escaping from life. It was a way of fleeing from stress. Trying to do this gets exponentially more difficult when you are a single mom. I somehow didn’t have the energy nor the ambition to go an explore the world with a baby on my hip. Time passed but my passion for travel somehow never died out. Instead, it just continued to grow.

Soon, I realized that biggest hitch in my traveling plans is the fact that a child cannot walk as much as I do. That was the biggest hurdle that I needed to overcome. A friend of mine mentioned that she had taken a trip to Australia. It surprised me. Why? Because her kid was almost two years younger than mine. By the way, did I mention that she she is a single mom too?

car rentalNeedless to say, she explained to me that her problems were solved simply by finding a budget car rental. It was like the wheels in my brain sprung into action. They clicked together like an unsolved puzzle. It wasn’t long before I found out all the details related to traveling to Australia. Within a week my tickets were booked and my travel itinerary was set. Even the visas fell into place. It was like it was meant to be.

I found myself getting more and more excited as each day passed by. I checked out the website called ‘Budget car hire’ that my friend suggested. The deals were exciting but quite frankly, I didn’t care. I wanted to get going. It had been far too long. Even my son Alex got wrapped up in the excitement. Bless his soul, he is such a well behaved kid. I keep thanking the Lord for the blessing that Alex is!

How did the trip turn out? Interesting! It was different from the kind of trips that I was used to. The rented car helped a lot. It also helped me with the luggage. Trust me, that is definitely something that I didn’t consider! It was definitely more fun than traveling by train or flight. We got to see a number of sights that we would have missed. It also gave me a lot of time to bond and connect with Alex. Something that I really hadn’t managed to do of late.

All in all, I enjoyed the trip. I have a feeling that it is going to be one of many trips that I am going to embark on!

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