All-Terrain Adventures: Off Road Towing Tips for Campers, Boats and Bikes

Camping off road

You need the right vehicle and some extra driving skills to meet the challenge of off-road driving. It becomes even more of a test if you have to tow another object behind you like a camper, or some boats and bikes.

If you want to enjoy some all-terrain adventures, here are some tips on how to tow safely when you go off road. Learn about maintaining traction and the importance of maintaining good ground clearance. Beach driving techniques can also help you to keep moving and tow your boat more confidently.

Keeping control at all times

Driving a vehicle like the Jeep Grand Cherokee will help you to meet the challenges you face off road. It will also help to think about maintaining traction even you are traversing loose shale.

The number one aspect of keeping traction at peak levels is keeping a safe speed throughout.

Work on finding a speed that you are comfortable to travel with, but make sure it is at a level where you can maintain control and navigate tight corners successfully. Also, remember that braking too hard and turning the steering wheel too aggressively are some of the quickest ways to lose traction.

Remember to adjust your electric trailer brakes to prevent them from locking as soon you hit the brakes.

If you need to take your trailer to the bottom of a steep hill, make sure you pick a straight route going back up. This will give you a sufficient run, long enough to maintain traction and get you back to the top again.

Think about ground clearance

Pay attention to the terrain you are going to be traveling across. If you are going to be encountering large rock steps, ground clearance will be a critical factor. Learn about approach and departure angles. The approach angle is a simple calculation based on the distance and height between the front tire and the most forward part of your vehicle.

The better the approach angle your vehicle, the steeper the rock you can climb.

This is not a calculation you can afford to get wrong. If you do, you could be doing some damage to your vehicle or risking the prospect of a rollover.

Off road beachSand between your tires

If you are towing a boat and tackling a sandy terrain, you will need to learn some beach driving techniques.

The number one tip to remember for beach driving is to keep momentum, as sand will create a level of resistance that can give your engine and gearbox a proper workout.

Third gear low range will keep your speed at a good level and try to keep gear changes to a minimum. This should help to keep that all-important momentum. If you need to change gear, keep it quick and smooth, as your vehicle will soon pull up on the sand when you ease off the throttle.

Driving across sand gets easier with experience; the same can be said for off road driving in general. Learn some of the basic techniques and tips and you will be able to tow with confidence.

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