Tips on How to Achieve a Fundraising Success

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At some point during your child’s school career, you are going to be asked to help at a fundraiser, and at some point, you will run out of excuses and have to get stuck in. Although you may not feel that it is something that you would actively choose to do, you will be amazed at the sense great of accomplishment and community that you will feel from helping. Here are 3 tips to help you achieve a fund-raising success.


Brainstorm with other fundraisers and think about the other parents at the school, and the line of work that they are involved in. You will be amazed at what people can bring to the table for a good cause. Perhaps one of them has a restaurant that could supply food at cost price? Perhaps one of them has a marquee that you could use to house your event? Once you have an idea of the type of event you want to hold, you need to brainstorm all the possible outgoings and hidden costs that are involved with the event. Relax and enjoy the process, play a game on jeu en ligne to boost your fundraising efforts.


When it comes to a charity fundraiser, much of what you can do is dictated by the budget you have. You need to know what your breakeven point will be so that you can calculate how many tickets you need to sell to make a profit. This is a vital part of the process, as without knowing this figure you will not know whether it is worth the time and effort.

Fundraising PlanYou want as much of the money you make to go towards the chosen charity as possible, and not spent on unnecessary costs, but you still want to run a great event. So, what can you do? You want to maintain quality, but balance that against cost. It’s time to get creative. You need to see where you can save money, for example, use a free flyer maker software to make adverts for your event, and make full use of talented and enthusiastic volunteers who will be eager to give their time and skills for a charity. Just remember to thank them!

Consider too whether local companies could sponsor the event – they will benefit from the positive PR your event brings, especially if it is in the local press. You will be able to maximize the money that you make if you plan an auction, or sell merchandise or products at the event too. Ticket sales are only one way to raise funds.


You cannot just pick a date out of the air for your event, you need to set your date according to when you are most likely to make the most money. Unless you are running an event that is holiday season themed, the months preceding and after the holiday season are never a good idea as people just don’t have the money available to spend. Choose a date when people are not going to be deterred from attending by bad weather or lack of money! Remember that venues are often cheaper mid-week, so that may affect your decision too. Once you have a date and venue, you can start to plan the finer details.

You want the attendees of your event to have a great time, and it was hard to find the balance between that and the reality that you are fundraising. The planning stage of an event takes so much time, but the good that comes from it makes it all worthwhile. Remember, you are in this to win, just like in the real money casinos , if you follow the plan you will be successful.

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