Unforgettable Trip to New Zealand

New Zealand

Travel has always been my favorite thing to do. Even when I had my son Alex, I waited until he was old enough and have our first trip together. I always like taking him on trips and vacations because I want him to enjoy the diversity of culture there is in different parts of the world. The first time I visited New Zealand, I was alone. I was there on a business trip and therefore did not get a lot of time to see a lot of places. The places I saw were however enough to get me excited and I made a promise to go to New Zealand again.

Hobbiton photo

Alex and I landed in New Zealand in the morning and were supposed to be checking into a hotel around 1p.m. This was great for the both of us because it meant we could see several things before going to the hotel. We went to the nearest restaurant and had some coffee as we talked about the great things that would be fun to engage in. We decided to visit the famous Mt.Eden. Alex had heard his friends who had been to New Zealand rave about it and was very excited to see it. The volcano was breath taking; it was a very great experience spending time at this site.

Hobbiton was our next stop. My son and I have always been fans of The Lord of the Rings. We like everything about the movie and this is the main reason why we wanted to ensure we stop and explore Hobbiton. It was very interesting and fun for us to explore the hobbit homes. For some time, we felt like we were actually part of the movie. My son took amazing pictures of the homes and was very excited because he would have some amazing things to talk about with his friends. His excitement reminded me of the reason I started traveling. It was for that exciting feeling you get when you see something for the first time that most people have not experienced before.

The highlight of my trip was however the Merlot wines I got to take at dinner. I have never in my life tasted a wine that is so rich and of very high quality. My son did not get to take the wine because he is under age I have to say, Merlot wines are the best wines. If you are ever in New Zealand, make sure you taste this wine. I will try and find it in my home country.

Franz Josef Glacier photo

On our last day, we went on a hiking trip at the Franz Josef Glacier. The cave hikes were very exhilarating. We went into some dark parts of the cave and I swear I held Alex hand very tight because I am terrified of the being trapped in enclosed spaces and the dark. This was very funny to Alex who seems not to be afraid of anything. We also got a chance to take amazing photos of this site and Alex made me promise to take him back to New Zealand soon.

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