What We Feel about Malaysia: A Judgement from Mother and Son

We land in Kuala Lumpur a few days ago and starting roaming around Malaysia like a non-stop wheel. Me (Katherine) and my only companion is my 5 years old son, Alex. This is not the first time we travel to another country on our own and we really love to have the taste of different culture. We are travelling the world and hope to finish it without any unwanted trouble. I have to mention that Malaysia is full of nature and aside from the city life, this country has a huge stock of nature. You will see an endless green while traveling to the rural part of this country.

We start with the amazing twin towers situated in Kuala Lampur. Twin Towers is truly unbelievable. You can’t imagine seeing this in Malaysia. It seems that you are in the middle of the New York. You will receive a warm reception from the people of this country and they have a very safe system for the tourists. We really feel safe and we can roam around freely. Twin towers really made our day and my son can’t stop looking at it.


We travel to the urban life as I love nature and nothing can be more beautiful than nature to me. I also want my son to realize the true power of nature. Next day, we went to Ipoh. We really had a nice journey and at the end, we find some amazing spots, including limestone mountain and cave, tin mines and most of all Chinese food. Within this day, we cover the most amazing spot regarding my sense. It is named Alor Star and it is the capital of Kedah. This place is famous for its never ending paddy fields. How could I explain the beauty of nature! This will make you calm like the water. Mile after mile, there is nothing but a uniform paddy field which will let you think about the creativity of nature and the application of latest technology to maintain this. Simply amazing in all aspects.

We also passed some great time in the theme park and my boy loves the water ride. He wants it more and more. I also start loving this amazing country within no time. Finally, I have to mention that, Malaysia has the safest system for the tourists and we feel really easy to roam around. Don’t hesitate to have trip in Malaysia. And, don’t forget to have a look at Kuala Lumpur from the top of Twin Towers.

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