Copenhagen, Denmark – The Environmental Friendliest City

After long hours on the plane, it finally touched down at the Copenhagen Airport. I didn’t stress myself much in getting safe transportation to the hotel for me and Alex, my son. There were taxi cabs waiting outside the terminals. I was really beginning to fall in love with the place. Things seemed so easy here. No hustle at all. On our way to the hotel, Alex and I couldn’t help but look out the window to admire the beauty of the Danish city. We hadn’t settled yet, but I was already jumping into conclusion that this was the perfect place to be in.

One very intriguing thing about Copenhagen is how environmentally friendly the city is. There was little traffic as there were few cars. The city is dominated by cycles, and my hotel rented them to me and my son to help us get around the city. Initially, I found that hard to. But I eventually started to like it so much I took Alex out for pleasure rides. I was fascinated by the way a city made so much effort to make the environment a safe place. The city also had electric cycles which it rented out to people. I thought of getting one for myself back at home.


I’m so passionate about things concerning nature and technology. And guess what? Copenhagen, the fine city in Denmark was just the place. I went to the park several times to relax with my 5 year old son. I think it’s the perfect place for young couples to have time for themselves. The parks are just so beautiful and have a lot of routes for cycles too. We also went to the zoo. I was truly impressed with the way things were run there, and how beautiful it was. Alex was thrilled by the Bakken Amusement Park, which was also nature friendly with many trees and deers. It was hard getting him out of there. A nice treat for a 5 year old, huh?

Kongens_Nytorv,_Copenhagen,_DenmarkDid I mention my love for architecture too? Copenhagen is just the place to make you stare at buildings with awe. There are so many beautiful buildings in Denmark. The National Aquarium, the Black Diamond, the Royal Danish Opera House and the M/S Maritime Museum are a few places you should see while in Denmark and I’m sure you’d love them. The technology in Denmark has made life easy for its people and has also made the place safe for living as it is environmentally friendly.

If you’re planning a holiday, Copenhagen should be the place in mind.

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